Why no one visits your blog

Why no one visits your blog

No one visits your blog because of the advancing echo chamber ring tone drowning out the individual mass, dragging out the Backlash Propaganda Overlords.

And your friends think your life is uncomfortable, with all those emoji kittens and praise of flatulence ignited.

Attempted spirited discourse parroted from media hacks, disguised as thought, is easily replicated therefore trite and dull.

The key is:

threats of violence, racism, cruelty.

This will cause a collective mob of unfettered righteous to decry and applaud your subsequent beating.

Nude photos from 1992 will be pasted on your forehead and a Judge will grant free access to your handbag.

Take a book bound bullet as a final act.

A million clicks then silence.

16 thoughts on “Why no one visits your blog

      1. No. I am working as a tour guide. I moved to Tacoma because Seattle was too expensive. The huanted house was a fun experience but I don’t want to work anywhere I can’t hit back. (Customers coming in drunk looking for a fight.)

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  1. Liking your ideas a lot. There are probably more things I could add but my life is painful enough. A load of trolls would be incredibly tedious. I will stick to writing about fluffy animals, knitting and baking. I just want a quiet life…. *tumbleweeds roll across the screen

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  2. I love the deadpan-esque tone to your voice and you pulled it off beautifully. I’ve recorded a few pieces, yes, using my phone (so budget, I know). Generally it takes 75 retakes, copious amounts of swearing and screaming at the neighbours dog to stfu, which, causes him to bark more (I’m a slow learner). When I finally have a flawless take I listen, cringe at my flatlining voice and through my phone (it’s ok, I’ve had it ruggardized to withstand my temper tantrums).

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this. It’s well written and delivered.

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