Forever Young Inc.

I will take sixteen ounces of Rejuvenation Gel, cool please, and the light Cellular Matting compound in peach. I will be using it on my face, of course, so I will need Safe Stop for the nostrils and eyes. Last time it just kept growing. I would wake up with a thin membrane over my face, clawing to free my mouth. Yes, I know Cellular Matting should be applied by a professional, so the air portals are cut properly but who has the money? Thank God you carry Safe Stop.

You’re having a special on fetal silk hair? I don’t know I used that about ten years ago when it was made .with Angora cat, not a pretty look on a human lady. I looked like a dandelion puff until it fell out. Real fetus, you say? Sure, I’ll take a sample.

Now how about the Monkey Dance Energy patch? Lasts ten hours and then I can go to sleep? Oh! It has two settings, Monkey Dance and Sandman? I’ll choose the setting? I’ll take thirty.

And I would like to arrange for an Appropriate Choice neural upgrade. I think I’ve been too impulsive lately. Yesterday, I thought it was a good idea to walk out of the house in my pajamas and read poetry in a grave yard. When the groundskeeper asked what I was doing, I said I was sleepwalking and started to cry. Thank God for television.

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