3 Ways Power is Miscarried

I was in a sea of pure darkness

and I thought I saw the moon

As it drew nearer

it was not the moon

It was her

She unfolded and elongated

She was wearing white robes

she had very pale skin except for around her eyes

she had blackened them with soot

She needed to tell me about

3 ways that power is miscarried in the body

The first is the Shallows

She told me that

the shallows are a series of lies we say to ourselves

I’m not good enough

It has to be perfect

I can do it tomorrow

I will be humiliated

These lies, they build up forming a dish

That fits over your well of power

The power that would come from inside you

Now must be filled externally

The person is dependent on

outside sources of approval and status

Then in only meager amounts

As the dish can only only hold spoonfuls before overflowing

The dish is made of false thoughts

A person in the Shallows cannot fly too high or move too quickly

So they are bound by their own ego

Enslaved by their fears

I shuddered as she spoke imagining the dull ache of the dry well

Then she told me of two more ways power is miscarried.

They are twins

Rupture and Corruption

A Rupture occurs when the body is glutted with power.

The capacity for power is finite in each single being

When beyond capacity, the core of the being Ruptures toxic reasoning spills out, filled with anger, accusations and crushing need

Once a being is Ruptured, they must consume more and more in a ravenous cycle.

What is taken in is fouled by greed and spills out on those around them.

If the Ruptured stops they will feel the terrible acute emptiness inside.

The Ruptured are also corrupt.

A Corruption occurs when the body takes on a power that is not meant for it

If the path is blue and the body chooses red the body becomes an unnatural color

The actions of the body do not coincide with the mind

The corrupted will lie and sabotage

Where there is Corruption there is no harmony between intent and deed.

Those in the Shallows stay in place while the Ruptured and Corrupted rise high above

They are what drains the dwellers in the Shallows of purity and potential

and send it back as a blackened power structure in which we dwell.

I was gasping and asking her for an answer to this quiet hell in which we are doomed

She told me to accept her love

For once her love is taken in the body

We never need to love again and We will be free

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