Planet Somewhere

When I met Kerry working

Rain City was bursting at the seams

His colors spilled out

on the concrete

They had torn his tent

and took away the rest

When the cold came

like a devil at dawn

We tried to pad his place

still it bit him on

his starvation birthday

That or a sick tooth

caused his condition grave

Now the fool king

dances frustrated

Rain City begins to melt

Kerry is gone

His colors no more

The autopsy shows

variants of grey

Now I can grieve

for all I did not

to keep him on

the Planet Somewhere

7 thoughts on “Planet Somewhere

    1. It is. We had a man named Kerry in front of our workplace. He sold paintings and called his pop up shop planet somewhere. He was living in a tent. We stored his art, charged his phone, gave him dollars here and there. He was so nice. I never knew why he was homeless. He died a week or so ago. We don’t know why. He was only in his 50’s.

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      1. There are so many reasons for homelessness. We have a lot of ex soldiers on the streets over here. They saw and did things they couldn’t cope with, in wars they didn’t understand, and they fell apart.


      1. You did the things which good people do. You weren’t Mother Theresa. Few of us are – it’s just something we have to work towards.
        Guilty feelings are usually just another part of grief.
        These are just words. I know they won’t change the way you feel, and I’m sorry for that.


      2. The results are in. He died from asphyxiation using sterno cans to keep warm in his tent. The building I work in the entire second floor is empty. Thank you for the words. For us writers they are a lot.

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