Fat Hot Runnels of Butter in Crevices of Pastry Dough

Chocolate as Soft as Boiling Earth

With Sugar Diamonds

Fields of of this Crushed Ice

Bread Like Flesh

Everything is High Whipped

Tiny Air Pockets

Just the Right Spring on the Teeth

Like Love Like Sex

Meat Oily Salty Burnt Sauce

Like It’s Still Running With Blood

Served Hot Like It’s still Living

Tender Softer Richer with Fat and Salt and Savory

Every Slice Charred and Stretched

Like Death Like Torture

Plants from Bitter to Sweet

Liquid on the Tongue

Every Cell Breaks

Releases Ten Promises

All of Which are Received

By the Heart and Liver

But the Brain Feels Nothing

Keeps Asking for that Fat and Coke White Sugar

The Lab Rat Concoctions

Sensual False Lovers

Extracting Silent Payment

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