Singular Porous Adore Us

Vicious Angel Confound Compound

Miscellaneous Anxiety Hound

I learned to spell quiet

In the basement graves of a

Blacklist Babysitter

I don’t see anything but

Bat shit brown and broken plastic

In my Kindergarten cradle

Complacent Adjacent

Prolific Spores of Whores

Bent Broken Alphabetic

Polyester Pantsuit

I clasp my hands in

Front for the shutter lens

Thighs Stretching Strange

Against Pastel Restraints

Karen Carpenter Hair

Hanging hidden Oblivious

Little Shit


Never Say Hate

Sweet Smiles


Teeth ground down

Neglect Protect

I’m in love with

Silent Stifled Repressed Men

They learn the Art of empty mind mouth hand

Repeat Defeat Replete Complete

Splendor Back to Sender

Nostalgia is Done

Flattering the Favored Few

Instead the Wreckage

is in the Classroom Poster

Frowning is for Nobodies

Meat Carcass Germ Sack Flea Bag

Dead Pets Dumped Dogs

Rural Suburban Royalty

Gone Wrong Gone Awry

Erased Sanitized

Forgotten 1970

Avocado Green Harvest Gold

Buckle Back Jeans Bric Brac Dresses

Sex Crazed Fae Stalking the Forest

With Bulldozers and Developers

Bury This Bury This Child

She Wasn’t Supposed to be Here

Bury This

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