Working Class Doom

Working Class Doom

Chasing Money is Man’s false God

Empty and Hallow as Death My Friend

Paper Money Spirals ever upwards

Increasingly out of Reach

The Elite Few Float High Above us

Hands Grasping Fluttering Notes

They cannot see where their Excrement lands

Flows into the Rivers of Flint

This is Progress This is Progress

They say with their Mouths

but their Eyes

Scream POWER


Never to Promise

Below in the Salted Earth

We eat Chemicals

And drink from

the Factory Floors

11 thoughts on “Working Class Doom

    1. Me too! I am horrified at some of the things our corporate government is doing- my sisters live in Tacoma and they are trying to railroad the population into a methanol plant to make plastic for China using a staggering amount of fresh water ugh! We have enough plastic already!

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      1. Do you have those vending machines out there, which children put money into, so that they can receive a plastic egg with a stupid little plastic toy inside, for them to look at and discard? I hate those things.
        I came up with a plot for a novel called Plastic Planet, it was too depressing to write.


      2. yes wehave those. I wrote the poem Plastic after working in a thrift store and marveling at all the crappy plastic educational toys for children. We just keep making more useless stuff and advertising it as the next best thing. Don’t get me started on silicone vally’s mountain of toxic e waste.

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      3. I work in an Oxfam shop (like your thrift shops, but we raise money for Oxfam) and we get tons of stuff like that. I have a friend who collects all that kind of stuff, cleans it up and sells it on a markets stall. She even sells those stupid little things from the plastic eggs. Kids buy them and make up specialist collections. I think that recycling them in this way increases awareness. I’m thinking of talking to her about us making up recycled christmas crackers to sell – I don’t think it has ever been done before, because of the labour involved. I think there would be quite a market for them around here. We’d have to look carefully into sustainability, and obviously the snappers are a problem, but people will buy christmas crackers whether or not they are made from recycled products, and ours would as ethical as possible in every way.
        I know it’s just a drop in the ocean, but it’s something.


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