Hostess Hostess where’s our Heroin?

Where’s the good time girls and the bathtub full of gin?

Bring to us our cruel ex-wives.

Save us from our busted lives.

Where’s the pornography

and the black mold eating at the bottom of the shower curtain?

You promised, you promised,

you said this time you were certain.

Hostess Hostess where’s our favorite sin,

Our enemies on hands and knees and the bereft next of kin?

We want cleavers so don’t be clever.

We didn’t ask you for advice.

Your homemade remedies taste like shit

and we know all your lies.

Hostess Hostess where’s our heroin?

You promised, you promised

this time we would win.

Hostess, Hostess,

don’t leave us now.




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