Come along you hoary nobs

Bring your gangers

Test the premise of Abaddon’s fortune

Boreholes into the sanctified skin

releasing methane hell

Shake the Earthship raucous

Set the taps alight

Damn the weeping masses

Hunched over rubble homes

Laughing, place on them jesters’ caps

Riches reveal the ruthless

To all but themselves

Glue wool patches over eyes

A third to muffle the dissenting mouth

Dance you gangers

Hoary Nobs sing of need

Wickedly wind whiddershins

Paper binding power to pockets

Birds falling from trees

Fish falling to rot

Salt the earth and reap

Denials tucked in corporate Christmas cards

Sing it now;

We sleep as the blessed among us

Not troubled by rumbling

Visions of towers tumbling

We sing

wealth is proof of sanctity

worldly power a second skin

we can put the demon back down

Once loosed

Prayer nullifies consequence

Rationale our gated community

Demons barred from entry

We sleep as the blessed among us


7 thoughts on “Fracking

      1. I should make more of an effort to find followers on Facebook, but I can’t bring myself to engage with it.
        I don’t notice holidays much – I’m on the sick, so I just trip from one crisis to the next. I’ll be with my older children and my grandkids on Christmas and boxing day, so I’ll enjoy that.
        I hope you have a lovely holiday too.


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