Happy Birthday to me

at 46

I will not adapt

to all these ideas

which are strange and sick to me

I will enter the tunnel at the dock that leads

Into the underworld

When denied entry without the coin of the realm

Force my way past the gatekeepers

Drop marbles to trip my oppressors

Make weepy apologies when caught

Falling on the guards mercy

While they comfort me

I take their keys

I resolve to behave worse than ever

I will lie for love

I will steal for honor

I will create from the poisoned ground

I will drink tea of Blue Lotus

while the crowd hurls stone

leave my name tattooed on the meekest heart

display the treasure

ending the denial of its existence

Pandora saves hope for last

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to me

  1. Love it!
    I sometimes wonder whether the elderly people in your care ever get to read/ hear your poetry, and how they would react.
    I’ve just moved into an apartment block which is full of ageing residents. Some of them aren’t very bright…


    1. We have quite a mix in this home. Some of them have high function and are discriminating in their tastes. Others have been deeply diminished by dementia but that mostly means they won’t remember what happened in 5 minutes. I pick and choose what I let them hear. My boss logged on to my site and was horrified- according to coworkers. She hasn’t said a word to me. HA!

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