Eve and I

My dreams warn me against killing snakes

The word of God tattooed on their backs

Eve and I carry shivs made of broken candy sticks

So we look sweet and harmless

With all the dead bodies at our feet

We say

We were the victims here and cry

Until the firemen give us blankets and stroke our hair

they say

You poor little tiny things

Where are your parents

Eve and I know the plastic surgery was a success

We are 46 years old and our parents have long since given up on us

They know our reverence for snakes

Our penchant for dressing up

The way we make fun of broadcast news

And start fires in the barn

All these admonishments about who we are supposed to be

And how we are supposed to act

Fall like glitter from a ballroom ceiling

They beautify us

So we may move more easily among the others

They catch in our hair and stick to our clothes

They beautify us

So we may move easily among the others

Eve and I

Once we ate the apple we no longer questioned ourselves

We were filled with contempt

We grew fangs

If a snake offers you fruit

Bite it

The word of God is tattooed on their backs


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