The Drug Gods


I imagine what it would be like if I were impervious to the negative effects of chuckle juice and amphetamines. To walk outside, blazing with Chemical confidence, kicking in the neighbor’s door, slapping their loud kid, stealing their dog.

Dance until I melt into muscle, feel only the hum and buzz of  electric eels using my spine as a stripper pole.

Sink perfect into a pillowless oblivion,  swimming through air, my gaping mouth  snoring, sounds as if Caruso has taken a bath in liquid LSD. I wake with the energy of Olympic gods in tablet form.

Move through the day glimpsing heaven in the music. Stepping through the paintings. Painting my kitchen lemon fresh. Blowing holes in the walls while shooting roaches with a 44 Magnum.

Clutching the garment of the officer, pleading understanding in split infinitives. Raging against my prison walls.

I cannibalize my fellow inmates and not in the way they requested.

Smiling Gut smeared face as I am led away by the team of Ninja psychiatrists, I scream “Don’t fuck with me, no one fuck with me, I’ve killed people, I was in the army I was in your toilet tank, I know your secret ketchup,  I can cure cancer with my spit so fuck all y’all.

In the bedlam white room with the fake hipster unicorns and gut split napoleons, my mouth open forever teeth rotting eyes glazed as a week old ice market fish, I wait for chemical lovers to return with clockwork precision to sweetly kiss my brain and return me to the kingdom of heaven.

From which I was exiled.

For which I grieve

Fearing no such land exists beyond the mind

The end brings only death

and drugs are all we have.

2 thoughts on “The Drug Gods

  1. I just came back to your post and read it to my daughter, and she managed to tell me that she loved it, before promptly passing out on my sofa. If she was still doing Amphetamines she wouldn’t have been able to concentrate well enough to appreciate it. If she had never done ampheatamines she may not have understood it, so I caught her at just the right time!


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